As Intel announced its financial results for the year 2013, the company’s CEO, Brian Krzanich revealed some inside info on the PC market. It appears that this market is stabilizing, after a long period of decline.


Intel did report smaller profits and revenue for 2013, with $9.6 billion and $52.7 billion respectively, but things are looking up. Why? Because PC revenue increased two percent, to $8.6 billion since the last quarter. The chip maker also claims that it sold 7% more desktop PC chips in Q4 compared to the year before.

Now tablets are also playing a big part in the company’s strategy. Officials quote “strong tablet growth”, of about 10% compared to 2012. However, slates don’t have much of a financial impact on Intel, since fourth quarter revenue for “other Intel architecture operating segments”, which means tablets only grew by $87 million.

2014 will be an interesting year and Intel discussed wearable tech a lot during its conference call about revenues.

  • DeianStancu

    This is good news since is coming from the biggest CPU company in the world. Not like some idiots that said “we are living in the post PC era” and got fired after :)) Some of them died and PC is still alive and well