We’ve been reporting on a dropping tablet market for the past year or so, but the first signs of a recovery come from India. It appears that the Indian tablet market grew by 23% in Q2 2015, recovering from the slow start in the first quarter of the year.


IDC’s figures show that the Indian tablet market registered 1.04 million units shipped, with a 22% growth over the same time period compared to last year. Year on year growth was 15%. The Indian tablet market will continue to grow as the market leaders will gain some share on the expense of unbranded firm shrinking volumes. The demand in the commercial area is rising and that area has registered a 12.4% shipment growth in Q2 2015, versus Q1 2015.

Microsoft had a particularly good Q2 2015 in India, with Windows tablets doubling their shipments compared to the previous 3 months. 75% of tablets sold in India are connected tablets and 54% are 3G enabled, making them a hugely popular product type. The reason is the limited availability of WiFi in the country. iBall is the top tablet brand in India, at least for Q2, after a less impressive Q1.

The company has a strong lineup of sub $100 slates and many new models. Samsung is second placed, in spite of growing in double digits over the past quarter. Datawind is third, with tele sales being key for it.