Kloudpad Mobility Research is a “digital mobility device manufacturer”, as they call themselves and while they’re based in UK, they’re now expanding operations in India, where they already got some traction going. They will set up a manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu, trying to consolidate operations in the region.


Indian operations started in 2012, but the full fledged research team remains in UK. Kloudpad has several high profile partners, including Argos, Flipkart, PCWorld, Currys and more, plus healthcare bigshots, so their products are more than just “digital toys” or vanity items. They also have tablets used in education, public safety and retail, thanks to their rugged nature and solid infrastructure connecting them.

At the moment, slates are being made at a facility in Shenzhen China and one in Delhi. India’s great growth potential is quoted as the reason to expand there, with the Make In India initiative also taken into account. The manufacturing ecosystem is already set up in Tamil Nadu, so Kloudpad has to tap into it. One of the examples of the tablets’ use in India is the pilot programme in a ration shop in Tiruchi, where the slates were used for billing.

Over 300 tablets were also offered to the Tamil Nadu government for welfare projects.