It’s funny to see that an accessory for a Samsung Galaxy tablet gets a name that starts with iSomething… Well, the product is still pretty appealing, I’ll give you that much. This a new audio dock that’s first specifically created for the Galaxy Tab line. The device bears the name iLuv iSM524 and it’s very similar to the iMM517, an iPad dock launched in September.

This dock turns the tablet into a cinematic viewing system, used to stream content, but overall the design isn’t that appealing, since it looks a bit like an old TV, at first sight. There’s also a little remote in the mix and it has the ability to stick to the dock thanks to magnets, so it’s handy when you need it. The iLuv relies on jAura acoustic technology to generate clean and clear sound and supports the tablet placement both in landscape and portrait mode.

Supported models for this accessory are the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 ad 7.7 units, plus the second version of 7 inch tablets. The remote control supports going back and forth in audio content and video as well. If you’re wondering about price tag, that’s around $149.99.