The Hulu Plus app for Android has been updated, being now available in a special version with support for more devices and focused on tablet features. The last update gave us tablet support and now even more formats are here, as the app offers full compatibility with 7 inch slates.

The models supported by the latest update include the Galaxy S II family, the Galaxy Tab 2, HTC One S and many more units. People who used unsupported devices had to sideload APK files, but the official way is always the better one, I guess. The changelog specifies that the updates improves 7 inch tablet compatibility and also the way Hulu Plus works on high resolution displays. The software is available for free, with unlimited streaming, but it still requires a subscription as Hulu user.

People can stream their favourite TV shows relying on a Hulu Plus subscription and Android 3.0+ units are listed as supported in the States, as well as Android 2.2+ phones. The shows here include The Biggest Loser, Family Guy, The Office and many, many more, based on a subscription of $7.99 a month with limited advertising. You can download the app from here.