Huawei’s MediaPad tablet got teased last week with a single picture of the front of the device. Now we get to see a whole lot more, thanks to the video teaser available at the end of this article. This sneak peek video fails to reveal info about the UI or operating system, but at least we can see what the design is all about.

The device looks rather small, so it may be a 7 inch unit, as previously speculated. This is some sort of entertainment device with a kickass screen, as it seems to be captivating the people in the ad. The launch of the Huawei MediaPad is scheduled for June 20and previously the maker of the unit promised the “smartest and smallest slate” in the company’s portofolio.

With the launch going down ahead of the CommunicAsia event, we’ll probably see a hands on demo of the device in Singapore.