Some customers who bought the CDMA iPad 2 for Verizon are now claiming that their devices were tracked as returning to sender by the FedEx system. It seems that Apple is recalling its products in mid-shipment, possibly because of Connectivity issues with the Verizon network.

The Cupertino giant hasn’t yet discussed the situation and also they have yet to confirm the problems. One customer mentions that he was supposed to receive the iPad 2 64GB unit recently, but FedEx sent it back to Apple, saying that the company requested the product’s return. On the discussion boards there are quite a few people saying the same thing and they’re not pleased with this recall.

9to5mac also has some accounts on other iPad 2 CDMA returns, so this is not an isolated case. With the iPad 2 already running out of stock in many locations, this is a real piece of bad news for people who were hoping to get their unit soon. The iPad is the first model on Verizon to support the company’s 3G network, thanks to the new Gobi chip. Previously, the first iPad was offered by Verizon with a Novatel MiFi model and it lacked native 3G.