A while ago Microsoft pushed out an ad for the Surface Pro slate, greatly making fun of the iPad Pro and using Cortana and Siri in the process. Huawei joins the marketing push, by releasing an ad campaign for the MateBook, a well received 2 in 1 device launched this Spring.


After all, with this being a Windows 10 machine, Microsoft has all the reason to promote the product. Huawei has been trying for years now to establish itself as a strong brand in the States and now it’s piggybacking on Microsoft’s campaign that attacks the iPad Pro.

Huawei MateBook starts at $699 and comes with a Core m3 setup and 128 GB of storage, but the keyboard bit is separate. The keyboard is $130 and dock $90, plus the stylus is $60. Seeing how the iPad Pro also needs extra accessories, the MateBook competes on equal footing with the iPad Pro and a league below the Surface Pro 4.

Still, the ad is funny.