Even if today, HTC will announce new devices, is rumored that on October 16, another HTC product to be officially launched, more precisely the Google Nexus 9 tablet. As you may know, in the same day that is one week away, Apple is going to release new tablet devices too during a press event.


Today, we have the opportunity to get more information about this Nexus 9 tablet straight from Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia who recently decided to speak about this device and what it means for the company. Those of us who are knowing the history of HTC, are also aware about the fact that the Taiwanese company hasn’t been active on the tablet market from a long time.

We get to know that Jack Tong said to the press that the Nexus 9 tablet marks the HTC’s commitment to return to the tablet market after roughly three years of absence. However, the tablet market is currently facing a low demand, so it remains to see how HTC will manage to launch new attractive products that will sell just like their smartphones.

via: gforgames.com