HTC recently admitted working on a smartwatch with the Microsoft, but the interesting bit here is that they also hinted a potential new tablet. As CEO Peter Chou gets temporarily replaced with chairwoman Cher Wang, we get new hints of the company’s plans.


Chou claims that HTC worked with Microsoft on a smartwatch years ago, while Wang promises that the new HTC tablet will be “nice and disruptive”. A good way for it to stand out would be to bundle some serious productivity software and maybe a stylus that doesn’t feel at all like Samsung’s. It would be cool if HTC also came out with a minimalistic UI especially created for slates.

Nowadays, tablets tend to look all the same, so even the slightest change in UI or the usual rectangular design may spark some interest. After seeing LG deliver the G Pad 8.3 with a decent price, very good specs and premium design, we still have hope for the small Taiwanese company that gave us the HTC One series.