In case you didn’t know, HTC was prepping to unleash a Windows RT slate on the market, but they canned the project these days, according to people in the know. They decided to give up on Win RT because of the low demand and big price.


Making the device would have been pricey for both the company and the customer, who would have to pay a bundle or it. The company will carry on making a 7 inch Windows RT tablet, that will be released later in the year. As HTC tries to adjust to a changing market, they are rumored to be preparing a phablet dubbed the T6.

As far as Windows RT is concerned, the OS sold 200k devices so far, from October, according to IDC. A 12 inch tablet made by HTC could have been a major failure, but it could have also been the start of a nice and fresh trend of the company. This won’t be the first time a big partner backs up from a Windows RT initiative, as recently Samsung also canned an Ativ RT tab, at least on some markets.