It’s phablet leak time, as the Nokia Lumia 1030 phablet has appeared in a blurry shot and guess what, there’s also a Sony phablet nearby. I’m talking about the Togari model, while the Nokia phablet is already dubbed Lumia 1030.

Nokia Phablet

The Lumia-like Cyan device is spotted in the background and you can see 3 rows of tiles shown on the screen. A 1080p display would allow three medium tiles to be shown on the screen, on the same row. Nokia always denied the existence of a phablet, so we advise you to take this picture with a grain of salt.

We do know that the GDR3 Windows Phone OS will bring us 1080p resolution support, so we may see bigger diagonal devices later on, in 2013. Financial Times reported at some point that Nokia would be making a phablet and we also saw some concepts. A 5 incher Nokia would surely be interesting and maybe even a hit. Would you buy it? Is this real, what do you think?

Nokia Phablet larger