Good news for the people who considering buying a pre-Honeycomb tablet: it seems that at least one of them will be getting the Android 3.0 upgrade. HTC is claiming via Twitter that Honeycomb will be available on the HTC Flyer tablet as soon as the software is released. We’re counting on HTC EVO View 4G to get it, too.

We wonder what other tablet models will get this treatment, since there are quite a bunch out there with Android 2.1 or 2.2. The first thing one thinks about is Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is one of the best selling Android slates till now. Will it be as privileged as the Flyer or better said does it have the hardware to run Android 3.0?

Manufacturers who want to create an Android 3.0 slate must sign a separate license agreement with Google and it they created an Android 2.x unit, Google says that they can’t update to 3.0.