Unlike MeeGo, that was called a dead platform and IS a dead platform, HP’s webOS continues to have a glimmer of life in its eyes. And all of that through a wonderful community, that recently ported the platform as an app on Android. Now all the hard work they did is getting a reward, as HP is donated some top notch to support the progress with Open WebOS.

This is the latest twist in the life of WebOS, an Open community version of the OS. In order to get insight into the work of devs, it appears that implementing changes to webOS ported on a Galaxy Nexus takes 3 hours on a virtual machine with two 2.6 GHz cores and 4 GB of RAM. Now HP is offering the ProLiant DL160 Gen8 server, that in a bare bones version costs $1800 and runs on a 4 core Intel Xeon CPU. The donated servers have 12 cores of processing power, 256 GB of RAM and 4 TB of storage each.

There are 5 models available and all this huge power will generate some nifty results soon. I expect a superb fusion between WebOS and Android in the future and maybe Google will see the potential and join HP in creating a new TouchPad slate… just maybe.