During the past year, HP has announced a webOS tablet, sold it, canceled it, sold it in a fire sale, went back on the cancelation, no actually they canceled it, did a fire sale again and now… they will make more webOS tables. And all of that in the process of also canceling the 7 inch TouchPad Go tablet and promising they’ll give up phones, tablets and PCs.

The Verge had an interview with HP’s Meg Whitman and Board Member Marc Andreessen, who finally confirmed what’s going on inside the PC and printer making giant. Whitman managed to surprise everyone by announcing that the company will actually continue to make webOS slates, that will start coming around 2013. The news comes fresh after the OS was made available as open source code to the interested developers.

Investments will continue in webOS and this is a long term program that HP is looking at. Honestly speaking, this is just diplomatic talk and another way to say that the platform will be swept under the rug and discretely thrown in the arms of open source devs, that will only get HP’s attention once they come up with some incredible function or new interface for webOS. As far as hardware goes, I’m curious what are the plans for the company here… maybe quad core slates with Win 8 in the meantime?