Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion are two big companies in the tech world that have yet to prove themselves in the post PC era. HP now wants to aggressively attack the smartphone and tablet market, with the risk of losing everything, so they’re going all in this time. The idea of “aggressive attack” comes from a research note from Peter Misek, famous Jefferies analyst.

It’s true they failed miserably with the Palm acquisition and destroyed the company in the process, which is a really sad thing for people who are really fond of the old Palm brand. I wonder why it took HP so long to regroup and start from scratch. I hope that Windows 8 is not the only thing they have planned for the future and also some solid smartphones with their very own OS, I mean HP’s OS. It’s horribly wrong to be a big company like HP and have no plans whatsoever in the mobile field.

Lenovo has managed to be in the same position and switch to the tablet and handset market with relative ease. The tablets with Android were failures, honestly speaking, while the phones are actually decent or at least perceived well in China. Will HP survive the post PC era? I see them as a victim unable to cope and facing a potential purchase by Microsoft or Samsung in 3-4 years or so. What do you think?