HP has quite a distribution network set up for its needs, to it’s ready to fight a proper tablet battle in this product segment. We’re talking about the partnership between HP and Amazon, Best Buy, plus good relationships with Target and Wal-Mart. This will make the TouchPad slate a product that’s widely available, thanks to such powerful partners.

We’ve just found out that the HP TouchPad 32GB version will be coming at Wal-Mart with a $599.00 price tag, the same amount of cash you pay for the 32GB WiFi iPad 2. No info about the exact date of availability, but we’ve found out that the same retailer plans on offering the Touchstone Dock/Stand specific to the TouchPad, if you’re interested in accessories.

However, this little gizmo is pretty pricey, at $79.88 but hey, at least you’ve got wireless charging. Wal-Mart will also be offering the webOS Bluetooth keyboard for $69.88 and the first party TouchPad case for $49.88.