Recently HP was telling everyone that they’re out of TouchPad units, but apparently some units are left, since the US company is offering them to developers. Said devs can purchase them for as low as $149.99, in the 32GB version.

All they have to do is send a request for the discount coupon by November 18th and you will complete the purchase by November 27th. If you won’t manage to get one, know that it’s the fault of stock problems, since everyone will be rushing to get one. People can’t wait to try to get Honeycomb on this slate, that comes at a budget price even now.

We remind you that the TouchPad fire sale began in late August and in some places it still goes on. Too bad that webOS will be given up by HP and too bad that the hardware on the TouchPad is not as good as its rivals’. Of course, if you’re a developer and want the TouchPad for the price above, know that the usual rules don’t apply, so you don’t have to send the device back.