HP has been going back on forth about the TouchPad tablet so much, that it’s getting confusing and even annoying for someone trying to make a purchase these days. After killing the entire project and then offering refunds for the buyers, the creators of the TouchPad are now preparing a fresh and limited batch of the product.

Is this a sign that Best Buy’s 200k units are sold? Or should we get that HP is accepting failure and the likely Android port that everyone will want on the $100 slate? What’s sure is that HP promised that within the current fiscal year, ending on October 31st we’ll see a fresh batch of products being delivered.

I’m curious if they’ll sell the product for $99 once more, considering recently I saw some units priced for a couple of hundred quid, available by mistake in the UK. One good way to make a buch these days is buy a cheap TouchPad and upgrade it with Android, then sell if for profit. What do you say? It appears that HP wants to make good with its component suppliers, that’s why it’s ordering more units, considering the leftover parts.