Although a while ago we reported that both Dell and HP had plans to produce Microsoft Win RT-based ARM tablets, now HP is saying that they actually won’t sell any ARM tablets. A report in the Wall Street Journal confirms that and this statement sounds like trouble for Microsoft, since HP is a major partner.

The industry is still trying to cope with the already anticipated huge prices that Microsoft will apply for the Surface Tablet and other Windows 8 slates. HP is the largest maker of personal computers and the news that they won’t be on board is certainly a bummer. HP says that it based this decision on the feedback from customers, according to Martene Somsak, speaking for HP. She also said that the current application ecosystem for the x86 platform is a better choice, both now and in the future.

Qualcomm must also be feeling betrayed, since they’re the big pushers of Windows RT by making ARM chips for the associated tablets. Qualcomm licenses its processor technology and has already been working with HP on Windows RT devices, according to sources. HP did mention that they will explore the ARM alternative, but nothing concrete may come out of that. Anyway I wouldn’t feel sorry for Qualcomm, knowing that their Snapdragons are in huge demand right now…

  • DeianStancu

    I wonder why…  It must have been the high prices HP is afraid of. And their failure with TouchPad series also contributes.
    By making a x86 tablet, it would enter the business market, where companies don’t care about money, they already invest large sums into complete solutions.

    And home users won’t buy expensive ARM tablet just because it has Internet Explorer on it. Android tablets are much cheaper and do the job pretty good. And Android has Flash, Microsoft won’t. This is also a deal break.