Since it’s the 1st of July it’s time for HP to start kicking some iPad behind and taking names… or will it? Well, the slate has already arrived at the HQ of some of the most famous gadget sites and blogs and now it’s verdict time. It appears the webOS 3.0 failed to deliver and it might be another failed product, like the BlackBerry PlayBook that wasn’t well received in reviews.

The TouchPad comes with a 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 pixel display, a 1.3 megapixel camera upfront and a 1.2GHz dual core processor. This model also has some familiar elements for Pre/Pixi phone users, such as the Synergy social networking feature, integrated with the native address book. While webOS is certainly a great platform, with the best multitasking available on the market, thanks to those cards, the overall product is not all that spectacular.

The folks of This is my next claim that the user experience doesn’t live up to the expectations and can’t really rival the iPad’s offer at the time, or even the one of Galaxy Tab 10.1. Crunchgear mentions a frustrating photo browsing experience and UI slowdown, while Engadget wants more from the device than it can deliver.

Finally, Gizmodo claims that the TouchPad is close to being good, but it’s still far from it, while CNET sees the TouchPad as a great iPad 1 rival and that’s it… For $499.99, I’d watch what I’m buying these days…