In case you don’t know it, some people out there have the privilege of testing out a Tegra 4 tablet, the HP Slatebook X2. The folks of Slashgear stumbled upon this product at CTIA and did a comparison with the Nexus 10, yet another powerful tablet, since it was the first Cortex A15 slate on the market.


By the way, the Tegra 4 also uses ARM Cortex A15 processor, with a fifth companion core for mundane tasks. The GPU is impressive on the Tegra chipset, since it has 72 cores and latest gen APIs. The Nexus 10 relies on an Exynos 5250 CPU based on ARM Cortex A15, but this one is a dual core 1.7 GHz chip, with Mali T604 GPU.

Both models have 2 GB of RAM, 16/32 GB of storage and it appears that the Tegra 4 model only took half of the time of the Exynos to complete one of the benchmarks (24 seconds versus 47). In case the HP tablet interests you, it’s a hybrid model, with a dedicated keyboard dock, that gives the slate extra juice. The good thing about the comparison was that both models run Android 4.2.