Toshiba Thrive is one of the most awaited Honeycomb tablets in the USA, being an affordable Android 3.0 model. This unit comes in a 16GB flavor with a $480 price tag, while the 32GB model will be sold for $580. It seems that an 8GB model will also be available for an appealing $430.

However, the 8GB unit will be available in small quantities, in spite of its appeal. Well, we’re here to show you the unboxing of the Thrive model, that you can see below. This 7 inch unit is unboxed ahead of its launch and before you start the clip, know that the video is silent. You can see the device removed from packaging and a quick video of the Toshiba unit, plus content of the box.

Thrive will go on sale on July 10 and it seems to be a bit thicker than its rivals, to be honest. There’s a plus, though: its battery is replaceable, something that people have been wanting on slates for a while now.