We’ve been hearing a lot over the past weeks about HP’s TouchPad tablet, but what about a 7 inch model? We’ve had leaks, videos and pre-orders for the 10 inch model, but nothing so far for the Opal. Previously, when the TouchPad was codenamed Topaz, there was also a rumor about a tinier model called Opal.

Now, this model appeared on HP’s own website through a leak in the compatible device list for apps. The image above shows list that also includes the mysterious Opal. Palm had previous launched the page to showcase the best apps it had available and now HP is taking over and showing us the goods. If you hover over the titles of the apps under the App Experience of Featured Apps tablets, you’ll get a list of compatible devices, plus some other info.

That list includes the Palm Topaz, Palm Roadrunner, Palm Pre, Palm Opal and Palm MantaRay. Topaz is the TouchPad. the Roadrunner is the Pre 2, while the MantaRay is most likely the Pre 3. What about Opal? Opal is supposed to be a little brother with a 7 inch display for the TouchPad. Maybe we’ll see it launched in September as previously rumored.