Designboom recently came up with a challenge for designers, who were supposed to image the future of computing. The winner was the following concept, of a tablet that requires finger energy to get charged. This green slate received the Fujitsu Design Award 2011in the “A Life With Future Computing” competition.

This is the Ecopad, a slate that recharges through piezoelectrics, meaning that it will gather up energy generated through the movement of the human hands as they get in contact with the touchscreen. There’s a statistic from Ecowizer saying that on average people press touchscreens over 10,000 times a day and this can be turned into energy, using a piezoelectricity film placed on the screen.

Thanks to their innovative idea, the designers of the Ecopad concept tablet received a prize of $1416. Congrats to them!

  • Deian Stancu

    For 1400$, in my county converted automatically in euros, I can buy 3 good tablets, or buy one and save the rest of money…
    Regarding consuption, my Ipad has 10w charger, I don’t leave it connected, only when I charge and that’s every 2 days. So 10w * 2 hours charge time + 132days a year = less than 10 kwh, a few euros.

    This being “green” stuff is full of crap, better find a way to end world hunger and chop less trees for paper….Or stop killing each other.