Here’s yet another new HP tablet hitting the FCC today, under the name HP Omni 10. The slate has been approved by the authority and it may come at IFA 2013, if it’s ready for launch.


The documents confirm WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, but nothing more than that. Strangely enough, the Omni series is associated with HP All in One PCs, so launching a tablet under this brand raises some questions. It may end up being a slate that’s part of a bigger All in One setup. We expect Windows 8 to be present here, although a dual OS setup isn’t out of the picture.

The design of the product looks a lot like the one of the HP Envy X2 and HP Slate, so we may end up with Android as one of the OSes. We counted HP out of the tablet battle after the failure called TouchPad, but now they’re back with what seems like a solid product.