The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has had great price decrease over the past months, going from $499 to $199, then $99 for employees and now… free. Well, in order to get a free slate from Research in Motion you have to be an Android developer who submits an app to BlackBerry App World by February 13th.

Is it me or does this smell like desperation from RIM? The info comes via a tweet from Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of developer relations. The devs only need to send their app name via email to and that’s it. The PlayBook received the Android app support as extra appeal for the public who wasn’t too interested in a device that lacks its own contacts and email section.

Now, with PlayBook OS 2.0 solving most of the lacks of the original software, the device actually looks nice, provided that you didn’t already fall in love with the Amazon Kindle Fire, that looks the same and has a similar diagonal. After all they have the same manufacturer: Quanta Computer.