Back when I was in highschool there was a popular text and menu-based RPG called Tenadia. Now there’s a game for iOS called Heroic Legends and you may want to try that on your iPad, since it brought me a bit of the feeling of Tenadia back. It’s not your typical 3D graphics MMO or anything like that, it’s more like Mafia Wars, if you want.

Heroic Legends simply involves creating a character and progressing via a menu system. You have a quest map for guild leaders and the gameplay is pretty limited, in some manner. It depends very much on the character you select at first to decide your starting stats. Each time you level up you can distribute points however you want. You will also replenish energies as you progress, with the two vital resources being inertia and bravery (one for tasks and the other for attacking other players).

The way to get things done in the game is select a job and try to complete it up to 100%, earn gold and experience on the way. So, it’s all menu taping and virtual play that doesn’t actually happen before your eyes, but there’s something nostalgic about this, if you ask me. When attacking players have varied options on how to spend the bravery points. There’s a win/loss ratio next to the enemies and equipment, so you can calculate the outcome of a battle.

There’s also a chat feature in the game, allowing you to communicate with other peeps. The game is up for download here and you can also get it via the QR code below, by scanning it.