The Google Smart Display devices are coming in, with companies like Lenovo making moves in this area. For those who don’t know, Google Smart Display is both a platform and a type of device inaugurated earlier this year: a smart speaker with a large screen. Lenovo, LG, Sony and JBL got on board and released their versions and now Google is said to be prepping its very own hardware.

It’s just been two years since Google Home was introduced and Google can’t seem to be enough of its own hardware products. It wants to push Google Assistant more and more and thus, here comes a new machine. They have yet to debut a display totting smart speaker, so that’s the main novelty. The new gadget will be powered by Google Assistant, of course, it’ll play YouTube videos and it’ll be helpful in the kitchen for recipes and the likes.

It’s basically Google’s own version of the Lenovo Smart Display. Nikkei Asian writes that sources from inside Google claim that the big G wants to ship around 3 million units for the first batch of the new model or smart speaker, that comes with a display. That’s a rather large number, in a segment that not even Apple could crack. Amazon meanwhile shipped just 315,000 units of the Echo Show last year.

Lenovo Smart Display has already been appreciated by people in the biz, but we can’t see any future evolution of the device. Yes, I know it’s also useful for videocalls, but… is it?! Google has to make its own unit extra cheap and also offer some incentive for buying it. Maybe throw in a subscription or a cool TV show from YouTube.