Today’s news about Apple concerns accessories, or better said the stylus. The Apple Pencil has been rumored to come to the iPhone for a bit now and today we learn that Apple has new partners and suppliers in this area.

The Apple Pencil has been working with the iPad Pro for a few years and got support for the cheaper 2018 iPad this year. A report from Economic Daily News from China shows that Apple approved a new stylus supplier from Taiwan. The report claims that the company (Elan) is going to supply touch and pen related chips for the two new iPhone X handsets this year. Those are supposed to be the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Plus, according to the latest naming patterns leaked.

Using a stylus with a 6.5 inch iPhone makes sense, but it’ll be a bit odd on a 5.8 incher. If you ask me, I’m reading more into this partnership than just iPhone action. We’ve been hearing about a new generation of stylus for months now and we’ve also seen a patent that concerns its tip. We could be getting ready for an Apple Pencil 2.0 right about now. The Pencil could stand for being slimmer, offer even more levels of pressure and get some buttons.

We take everything with a grain of salt at the moment, but since screen panels keep evolving, it’s not out of this world to see an iPhone with a stylus. Speaking of which, the next gen iPhones are less than a month away from being announced.