Android N Preview isn’t the only thing that developers are getting from Google these days, but also a discount for the Pixel C tablet. It’s a 25% price cut, that will bring the 32 GB model to $375 and the 64 GB one to $449.


This is basically meant to encourage devs to work with Android N on this device. If you remember, back when Pixel C was launched Google said that its full potential would be unlocked with the future release of Android. The discount applies for a limited time and offers the devs a powerful Nvidia X1 chip to toy with, as well as a very comfy keyboard.

The new split screen feature from Android N will look great on the slate. You can sign up here to get the device and then you should receive an unique discount code via email, that can be used to purchase the product via Google Store. The reduction is meant for devs, but Google is allowing anyone to take advantage of the promo, as some have discovered.

Isn’t that just dandy?