Well, the fated Apple event is upon as, as the Cupertino firm has just confirmed it’s going to hold an event on March 21st. After a period of speculation that had March 14th and the 15th as the favourite dates, it then came to March 22nd for a week or so. Today, it’s all gone in favour of the official date of March 21st.

apple event teaser march 2016

That’s one week from next Monday and it’s all happening via live streaming at 10 a.m. PDT. It’s not yet clear where the event will take place, but my money’s on a San Francisco venue, or maybe somewhere in Cupertino. The things to look out for here are the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, also known as the iPad Air 3, basically a smaller iPad Pro, with similar specs.

Those would include quad speakers, 4 GB of RAM and a Smart Connector, plus a 12 MP camera capable of 4K video capture, according to some. We’ll also see the iPhone 5SE with a 4 inch screen and new Apple Watch versions. The thing that makes us curious is the Apple teaser, with the motto “Lets us loop you in” and a series of overlapping circles.

The suggest convergence and maybe a Continuum-like solution. Are Mac OS and iOS finally ready to fuse? We’ll learn more on the 21st!