Sometimes we have good news to share, even related to the tablets that seem forgotten by their makers. For example, we recently learned that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S first gen wasn’t going to get the Marshmallow update, but guess what… today it did.


The first gen Sammy tablet that draws its inspiration from the design of the Galaxy S5 is now getting an OTA update to Marshmallow. The LTE 10.5 inch version has started receiving it in Germany. Of course that’s nothing compared to getting Android 7.0 Nougat on your device, but we’re a long way from that right now. I’m guessing the Galaxy Tab S will remain at Marshmallow as its final release, give or take a few custom ROMs.

It remains a decently specced device, with a Super AMOLED Quad HD screen, octa core Exynos 5420 CPU and that sweet looking gold bezel. Back to the update, it takes up around 800 MB of free space and we expect it to arrive in all European countries and on the 8.4 inch Tab S as well. Just be patient!