A bit over a week ago we first saw the Google Chromebook Nocturne on video and today part 2 of the leak appears. This time it’s a series of press renders of the device. Meant to debut on the same day as the two new Pixel devices, October 9th, this product is basically a hybrid between tablet and laptop, packing Chrome OS in the mix.

Actually we should see more than one such device this fall, as codenames like “Nocturne” and “Atlas” have been popping up. These are codenames for two potential Chrome OS devices, that will be made official by Google pretty soon. Now the fresh images come from About Chromebooks and focus on the Nocturne. It could end up being Google’s first Chromebook tablet, even though one may also call it a laptop.

We’ve seen the likes of Acer and HP trying out the idea of a Chrome OS tablet, but who knows the OS better than Google itself? The device is only shown with a keyboard attached in these pictures, a Brydge keyboard. It could be any device, to be honest, pertaining to any brand, but it lines up with the previous leaks. It runs Chrome OS, has a visible USB Type-C port on the left edge and should also have one more hidden somewhere on the chassis.

There’s something that looks like a fingerprint scanner on the top left edge of the device and it may just be that. The source mentions a potential multi microphone configuration for this device, that will mesh with the acoustic echo cancellation feature. We can’t see any branding upfront, so we can’t really say if it’s in fact another device, maybe a HP, ASUS or Acer one.

What’s odd is that this is far from a Pixelbook 2, which is a full fledged laptop and it was actually its first identity when it leaked out the last time.