Among the biggest Chinese retailers out there, we also have – retailer that will celebrate soon 3 years of activity on the market. With this special ocassion we’ll benefit from some amazing offers prepared by the company, one that got so big all because of its consumers who deserve all the special thanks. In order to do so, GearBest has planned something for us.

More precisely, starting from tomorrow, March 9th, GearBest will start the main event that will kick off with some fantastic deals on all the hottest categories listed on the store and we’ll see up to 70% discounts on certain products . There will be lightning flash deals between March 9th and March 20th with 8 killer products every day at 16:00 (UTC time).

You’ll be able to take part in some special lottery games and win amazing prizes of course. Another amazing thing will be the Lucky Bag product that once bought contains a surprise gift inside. According to the retailer, the contents are always worth far more than the cost of the item listed. This definitely sounds like a great deal to take in consideration.

Also, Add-Ons is a special offer that is available just for those orders above $60. By paying only $3.33 you’ll get an epic add-on item with your bought item in the shipped package.  Let’s not forget about coupons, because GearBest has a lot of them. You can check all the amazing discounts from here. Happy shopping!