Fujitsu was a big presence at MWC 2013 and now it graces us with its presence at CeBIT 2013 as well, where it showcased a brand new tablet. This model stands out through its innovative authentication system, that was promised a while ago.


The device is a 10 inch one, with a bigger case than your usual 10 incher. It’s actually a housing to accomodate the palm reader that sets it apart from its competition. Fujitsu is also developing a sensor that’s small enough to be incorporated into the tablet, probably in the upper bezel. The finalized product will be ready at the end of the year, so we’re in for a few months of waiting. Right now, in prototype phase, the model comes with a plastic and magnesium case, as showcased in the picture above.

The tablet is pretty much the Arrows V F-04E model shown last week at MWC 2013. In Europe the branding will be changed to Stylistic, not Arrows and the focus here will be on the Fujitsu PalmSecure technology. This one doesn’t actually need to you lay your hand on the sensor to make it work. You just need to hover above it and everything will be fine. The fingerprint sensor will require you to recreate specific hand motions several times as a way to set up your user profile.