One of the features less advertised in Android 4.2 is multi user support, that actually gets an entire commercial dedicated to it. The ad promotes the Nexus 10 and we get to see Google+ and Voice actions as well.


The ad is centered on two parents who are expecting a baby and each of them is using his/her account to prepare for the experience. They’re trying to find a name for the little one and get in touch will the information needed to take care of the baby. The wide reads “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, while the husband watches Knocked up and they even post different name versions from the same device, on different Google+ accounts.

Google has two versions of the ad: a 30 minute spot and a 1 minute one, so expect to see either one of them on TV pretty soon. Google is playing on people’s emotions, it seems and they’re really focused on parenthood for the past few ads. What do you think about this? Meanwhile, the Nexus 10 is still one of the most powerful tablets on the market…