Microsoft should have a Surface event going on early next month and while we may see some innovation there for products like the Surface Pro and Surface Book, accessories and connectivity will also get a bump up. A recent patent even hints at POS support for Microsoft tablet PCs.

A patent dating from back in February 2018 mentions “Computing Devices, Removable Support Devices and Method of Use”, hinting at hooking up multifaceted connectors to the Surface and getting rid of the kickstand. Attachments may include POS devices, barcode scanners, card readers and more. Extra fingerprint scanners or even some sort of wireless chargers for phones come to mind.

It could also open the door to modularity for components, even though that sounds a little bit too good for Microsoft. The company has an event scheduled for October 2nd 2018 and it could bring extra business and enterprise features then. I expect a new Surface Dial, a new Surface Pen, new mice, keyboards and more. I’m not sure that canning the kickstand is a good idea, since it was a bit of a trademark for the Surface Pro tablets.

However extra connectors in this day and age is always a welcome idea and something that Apple clearly wouldn’t do. Unless they really pull off the iPad Pro USB Type-C thing and even that’s not sure. Since Surface Pro tablets were already used for business purposes, more attachments can’t hurt.