Back in September there was a big meeting of the folks of Microsoft, where everyone was informed that employees were bound to get free Surface tablets and Windows Phone 8 handsets. While the latter have already come, the former are arriving right now in the hands of the hard working people of Redmond and subsidiaries all over the world.

Quite a bunch of Microsoft employees took to Twitter to showcase their freshly received goods and brag about them. They talk about Christmas coming early and are really happy with the product. Microsoft employees in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, Puerto Rico and New Zealand have been part of the free Surface Tablet program. If you’re part of Microsoft and live in another country, just hold on for a bit longer and you’ll get your Surface.

Nice to see a big mammoth of a company taking care of its employees and allowing them to work every day with an internal device. Maybe such gifts should take place earlier, through some sort of dogfooding process to rule out all the kinks of the products…

  • DeianStancu

    If they can’t sell them, at least they offer them as gifts. Better than throwing them away.