While playing with Windows Phone, Windows RT or Windows 8 you may have felt that something is missing, especially if you’ve used Android before this experience. I’m talking about the total lack of the essential Google apps, stuff like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Reader, even YouTube, plus many other. Well, now it appears that Google itself has no plans in making special Windows apps.

It’s strange to hear that straight from a Google apps product management director, in this case Clay Bavor and I say it’s strange because they’ve been rushing to bring a new Google Maps to iOS, while Windows Phone and Windows 8 are left aside. The same Google official had harsh words about the installed based for Windows on PC and mobile, saying that the users aren’t on the Microsoft platforms right now. He did say that Google is open to invest in that area, too, if the user base increases.

It could that Microsoft’s aggressive ads hurt their feelings or maybe the fact that every Android device sold involves a fee sent to Microsoft… who knows? I would love to see Gmail in a Metro UI version, Google Maps as well, plus a decent YouTube app, something that Windows Phone and Win 8 have been aching for since their launch.