Leave it to Letsgodigital.org to deliver a crisp new render of an unlaunched phone every day. This time they took the recent teaser for the Huawei foldable phone from MWC 2019 and made it into a set of renders. What came out can be seen below.

The invitation seemed to show a device that lacks the classical hinge, opting for a flexible material that makes the seamless transition between panels. Letsgodigital seems to have kept the hinge intact, but maybe hid it better than other companies. The device is expected to have a Kirin 980 CPU and Balong 5000 5G modem.

It’ll also offer at least a 7 inch diagonal, if not more. I see no seam between the two screen parts in tablet mode. What the designer got wrong is surely the UI, as it’s stock Android, something that Huawei doesn’t do. I see a nifty Tent/Stand mode and a very immersive experience, thanks to the narrow bezels. I don’t like the way the device bulks up when folded, but that’s a sacrifice that many companies will have to make.

Looking at the teaser again, I kind of see what they’re going for: a smaller hinge, made from a flexible material that’s actually part of the screen, not just a joint between them. I’m very curious what material they used, who supplied and if it’s BOE or not.