The Nvidia Shield Tablet may have a cracked edge or two, but it’s still a lovely gaming device, one that has had its first ROMs reach the web. The product has already managed to be rooted, as you know and it also got a major OTA update, so its software should be pretty good at this point. Custom ROMs have now appeared for this model.


Root access is needed here, given via the Towel Root app and then there’s the need for a custom recovery, via ClockWorkMod, that you can learn from here. Once recovery is taken care of, you can apply the needed ROM. The Nvidia Shield Table has two source built ROMs available out there, the VanirAOSP ROM and the AICP ROM, with instructions linked on official threads hyperlinking their names.

The VanirAOSP delivers a clean and optimized version of Android with slight improvements of the features we already know and appreciate. It comes with stock mode, enhanced performance, custom written CRON and init.d, UI and graphics improvements, custom navbar, navring and hardware key features. There’s an immersive mode feature, statusbar mods and more. Feel free to enjoy the experience and drop some feedback.