Mozilla is working on a new version of Firefox, one that’s supposed to work on Windows 8 and the Metro UI. This means that Win 8 tablet owners won’t have to use the touch-focused IE 10 that’s included with the next gen of Microsoft platform.

Firefox for Metro is right now in planning phase, but Mozilla was kind enough to reveal some information. The browser will rely on the same Gecko rendering engine, the one that’s present on other versions of Firefox. The browser will come with touch-friendly controls, but there’s some work to be done still. Sources say that the design may be similar to the one in Firefox for Android, since the app toolbars in Metro are at the top and bottom of the display and not the sides.

There’s a full screen view available here and just like other Metro UI applications you can “snap” the browser so you can use two usually full screen apps at the same time. Mozilla will also continue to develop Firefox for the classic Wndows experience, considering that Windows 8 also provides that offer.