The eternal rumor mill Eldar Murtazin just leaked some interesting info about Nokia’s first tablet, a Windows 8 model. The Russian blogger’s inside sources say that some high tech documents have reached the Nokia HQ in Russia, detailing the new product.

This either means that the slate is ready or that its creation is already started and an evaluation from all subsidiares is required. Don’t be surprised if Eldar will be one of the first to post a leaked pic of the tablet, since he’s done that before with Nokia handsets. Murtazin also confirms that Nokia won’t get exclusivity for Windows 8 or any customization potential, just like in the case of Windows Phone.

Microsoft previously said that its OS will be neutral to hardware makers, so no advantage for anyone, including ASUS and Samsung, two other major partners. No idea on what the tablet will look like, a price or specs. I guess that we should expect it to be bulky, like the first Samsung and ASUS prototypes we saw, unless the Finns find a more efficient way of cramming hardware inside.