Some of the greatest writers in the world were French and it would be a pity not to read their work in the original language… Thus, Amazon’s decision to launch a French language Kindle and French Kindle store doesn’t surprise me.

The new section will offer over 35,000 French language Kindle books, 28 L’Express best sellers and hundreds of graphic novels. Over 4,000 free classics will be available, once again in French. The total of the new store is 825k titles and as far as the French kindle goes, this is the smallest, lightest and most affordable Kindle version so far.

Priced at a mere 99 euro and available on, the product can be pre-ordered today on The release date is October 14th and if you want to hear some best selling authors, here’s a selection: Harlan Coben, Michel Houellebecq, Katherine Pancol, Delphine de Vigan and many more. Famous French newspapers and magazines such as Le Monde or Le Figaro are also available in the same French branch of the Amazon Kindle store.

I have to mention that the French language Kindle weighs a mere 170 grams, packs a 6 inch e-ink display and supports WiFi connectivity.