How about a tablet that can expand its display area to double the size? And it’s not even the Sony Tablet P, but rather the Extending Note, shown below and sticking to the concept status for now. This device was created by Kim Hyung Geun and you won’t see it in stores too soon, since it’s a mere render.

There are more good things about this unit, aside from the double screen, stuff like solar charging, OLED display and sliding modules that mode to the side and give you more display space. The Extending Note is a big winner, since it got the 2011 red dot design award. The device has a rough feeling to it and it comes with a bunch of capacitive buttons on the side, a Home button and a virtual keyboard that looks comfortable to use. Extending Note uses an anodized aluminum case for extra protection and it comes in friendly colours such as olive green, titanium light warm grey and more.

The screen here is a flexible OLED, that’s also adapted to serve as part of the charging mechanism. The display is adapted onto the solar cell, so you get great viewing angles AND charging at the same time. How cool is that?