EveTech is a company from Finland, responsible with the pretty appreciated Windows 8.1 slate Eve T1 and now they’re preparing a new product. This one will be a 2 in 1 device with Windows 10.


The device is going to be “crowd developed”, it appears. The company will rely heavily on feedback from a community of Eve T1 fans. Right now, the product has the codename “Pyramid Flipper” and some hardware goals have been set up for the unit. EveTech wants it to compete in the same area as the Surface Pro 4 or Dell XPS 13, providing a long battery life and good design and screen.

A powerful processor should also make the cut. People who are part of the community will have a say in the development of the device. They will be polled if there’s a need for a kickstand or a special hinge. They may also have to choose between CPUs and RAM quantity. Crowd developing sounds nice, but will it also be crowd funded?