The EROS Tablet PC is the latest custom gizmo coming from Shenzen and a pretty looking one, as well. You can consider this almost an Apple Tablet rival, specially since it sports a 10 inch touch display, a sleek design and an Intel Atom N270 processor. The standard display supports a 1024 x 576 pixel resolution, but there’s also another screen version, with a 1366 x 768 resolution.

The device uses a resistive touchscreen, so you’ll need a stylus to interact with it. We have to mention that the tablet is not light at all, at 850 grams and it’s not thin either, with a waistline of 22mm. Interfacing is provided by two USB port, a VGA one, Ethernet, an audio jack and two slots, for the CF and SD cards.

The memory on the EROS tablet is customizable, so you can either go with 160GB or 320GB of storage space. There’s also a standard 3 cell battery on board and we learn that the contraption is compatible with Windows 7, but it runs XP quite well and it’s able to play 720p movies. A very low price could make this product a winner, but its bulkiness is certainly not at all appealing.

[via shanzaiben]