The device you can see in the following images is the Zenithink 10 inch tablet, an Android 2.1 slate packing a 1GHz ARM SoC and featuring a 1024 x 600 pixel display. This product is able to play 1080p video and although speculations aren’t 100% confirmed, we’ve heard the device relies on a Rockchip SoC that uses a Cortex A8 ARM core.

As far as the inputs and outputs are concerned, the tablet provides USB and mini USB, plus there’s an Ethernet port and maybe HDMI, although it’s not mentioned. In spite of the 1080p playing ability of the slate, it’s hard to believe one would use the device to play huge media files, specially since you’ll need to copy large files on flash cards, so it’ll take forever. mentions that it has found a certain compatibility between Android and the H.264 format, specially when compared to .wmv or .rmvb. However, iTunes on Android is something we don’t see happening too soon.

[via shanzai]