E Ink Holdings is taking part in the Architecture Biennale 2016, an event held in Venice, Italy between May 28th-November 27th and they showcased there a few applications of their latest tech. That includes a pillar made of color variable E Ink Prism technology and walls with dynamic lighting and displays.


Basically we could see walls of a house made of 32 tiles of 32 inch E Ink Prism e-paper, able to light dynamically and display information and images. They could also be used as static displays, by reflecting light without consuming power. There was also a tablet with 4 legs wrapped with flexible e-paper, looking like it was floating in air when the e-paper got dark.

The E Ink Prism technology lets one create color-changing architecture, that can be used on walls, pillars and furniture. E Ink is working with designers to implement animated wallpapers and color changing facades into various buildings and indoor setups. E Ink is the provider of screen tech for Amazon’s e-readers, but it appears they’re just getting started with the evolution of their tech.